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"Iiiiiii married my wife in the month of June, Rizzle-dee-rozzle-dee mao-mao-mao!"

Dear God, what a terrible song, but it's fairly apropos, for this, the month of June, sees Erik, Sean, and Kyle discuss their second Alfred Hitchcock movie, and the one and only time he made a straight-up monster flick (essentially), 1963's The Birds which finds a small Northern California town beset by rampant avian attacks for seemingly no reason. I bet there's a thematic reason, though, huh?


Also, as discussed in the episode, here is a compiled list of what are considered the best episodes of HBO's Tales from the Crypt. Enjoy!

The Man Who Was Death (S1, E01)
And All Through the House (S1, E02)
Dig That Cat, He's Real Gone (S1, E03)
Collection Completed (S1, E06)
Dead Right (S2, E01)
Cutting Cards (S2, E03)
Four-Sided Triangle (S2, E09)
The Ventriloquist's Dummy (S2, E10)
Television Terror (S2, E16)
Carrion Death (S3, E02)
Abra Cadaver (S3, E04)
Top Billing (S3, E05)
The Reluctant Vampire (S3, E07)
Easel Kill Ya (S3, E08)
Mournin Mess (S3, E10)
Split Second (S3, E11)
Yellow (S3, E14)
What's Cookin' (S4, E06)
The New Arrival (S4, E07)
Split Personality (S4, E11)
Werewolf Concerto (S4, E13)
Death of Some Salesman (S5, E01)
People Who Lives in Brass Hearses (S5, E05)

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