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"Iiiiiii married my wife in the month of June, Rizzle-dee-rozzle-dee mao-mao-mao!"

Dear God, what a terrible song, but it's fairly apropos, for this, the month of June, sees Erik, Sean, and Kyle discuss their second Alfred Hitchcock movie, and the one and only time he made a straight-up monster flick (essentially), 1963's The Birds which finds a small Northern California town beset by rampant avian attacks for seemingly no reason. I bet there's a thematic reason, though, huh?


Also, as discussed in the episode, here is a compiled list of what are considered the best episodes of HBO's Tales from the Crypt. Enjoy!

The Man Who Was Death (S1, E01)
And All Through the House (S1, E02)
Dig That Cat, He's Real Gone (S1, E03)
Collection Completed (S1, E06)
Dead Right (S2, E01)
Cutting Cards (S2, E03)
Four-Sided Triangle (S2, E09)
The Ventriloquist's Dummy (S2, E10)
Television Terror (S2, E16)
Carrion Death (S3, E02)
Abra Cadaver (S3, E04)
Top Billing (S3, E05)
The Reluctant Vampire (S3, E07)
Easel Kill Ya (S3, E08)
Mournin Mess (S3, E10)
Split Second (S3, E11)
Yellow (S3, E14)
What's Cookin' (S4, E06)
The New Arrival (S4, E07)
Split Personality (S4, E11)
Werewolf Concerto (S4, E13)
Death of Some Salesman (S5, E01)
People Who Lives in Brass Hearses (S5, E05)

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This month, we're delving into the realm of sacrilege, blasphemy, persecution, torture, and sexual repression. You know, light and fun stuff. Erik and Kyle (with Sean joining later) discuss Ken Russell's 1971 controversial masterpiece, The Devils, which is recently available (though still heavily cut) on Shudder. Watch, listen, discuss. There's a lot going on.

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This month, because it seems very much in the zeitgeist of late, the fellas have decided to discuss Robert Aldrich's 1962 thriller, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, a movie almost more famous for the rivalry between co-stars Bette Davis and Joan Crawford than for anything artistic. Is this right? Does the movie count as horror? Does it make sense for this film to have become a camp icon? Let's get into the birth of the Psycho Bitty genre!

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This month, Kyle, Erik, and Sean hole up in a shopping mall to escape the hordes of bad people running the world and decide to talk about one of the best and most influential horror movies ever made, George A. Romero's 1978 adventure gore-fest, Dawn of the Dead. Is there more to it than simply marauding zombies and weird muzak? Let's find out together!

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36 - Phantasm (1979) Boooooooy!!!!

Is it a dream, a curse, or just a weird movie we can't fully explain? This month, Erik, Sean, and Kyle look at Don Coscarelli's 1979 film Phantasm, the movie that gave the world the tertiary horror icon The Tall Man, and a shiny flying ball that drills into people's skulls. But is this movie worth remembering or just shaking off like a bad nightmare?

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35 - Hellraiser (1987) - Some Kind of Sublime Pain

Let it never be said that the fellas of the Classic Horror Cast don't start a year with a bang. Our 35th episode, and the first of 2017, features what many consider a tentpole horror flick from the 1980s, creating an icon up there with Freddy and Jason... if only any of his movies were good! That's right, we're taking our first (and likely ONLY) foray into the psychosexual realms of Clive Barker with his first film as a director, 1987's Hellraiser, which features that Cenobite porcupine known as Pinhead. Is the movie worthy of such a villain? Join us!

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