The Classic Horror Cast

This month, Kyle, Erik, and Sean discuss the "goriest fright film of all time," the splatter movie, slapstick comedy masterpiece that is Peter Jackson's 1992 film Braindead, aka Dead Alive.

The fellas also have an announcement.

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Some houses are born bad, and some movies are just hella weird. This month, Erik, Sean, and Kyle discuss Nobuhiko Obayashi’s piece of macabre surrealism, House.

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This month, Kyle, Erik, and Sean get lost in the woods--and in the weeds, coincidentally--about the 1999 found-footage harbinger, The Blair Witch Project, a movie cited as one of the scariest ever made. Is it as terrifying now as it was then, or is it just 80 minutes of people yelling at each other in the woods? We get to the bottom of it!

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